To keep you all going as some VERY exiting developments occur on the justkissmyfrog horizon, here is some of my old sketchbook stuff to keep you going …

Year 11 work

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Just put that there to scary the hee-bee-gee-bees out of you all before I got down to business. Scary hey? My latest highly innaccurate and unsettling self portrait in the style of abstract german impressionism.

Don’t expect more. There won’t be.

So, I LOVE this book;

If you want more chin waggle about why, check out my youtube video called The Big Book Haul :)

In breif its about a Muslim man from the east who falls in love with America and subsequently an American woman. Both of whom’s love is reciprocated … until the twin towers fall…

For my printmaking module this term I decided to do a series of illistrations based around the themes of the book;

Hope you enjoy, take a look at the book if your looking for a holiday read, easy to read and really gripping.

Let me know which is your favourite, or if you like them atall! lol. love Kathy

Hey this is mainly up for a) all of my friends who have been perplexed about what I’ve actually been up to on my course this term and b) all of you nice people who visit my blog all the time (I can see in the views  – thanks for keeping turning up! Sorry its been so long) and will have seen my previous post about this project and asked to see the whole thing once it was done.

well … its done!

I hope you like, let me know what you think.

The Old College is Aberystwyth’s original building on the seafront, and this is the last year we will all be learning in it cus they’re selling it this year, which makes me very sad. All the more reason to document the life you can just SMELL coming out of it and the atmosphere and magic, before it gets turned into offices :(

Click to see them bigger.

Oh and sorry about the fingers, the pages are springy. Might give you an idea of the size though, the book its kinda small.

love to hear your thoughts, thanks for visiting!

Kathy x

Robin Hood

I bet

Even Robin Hood

had his days of mundanity.

‘No, Maid Marian,

nothing much is on the go.’

no one to sleigh, no jewels to show,

no racing through forests with bandits in toe...

In fact, Maid Marian

I’m feeling quite … low.’
It helps me through the grime
to know

Robin Hood was also adventure-less

from time to time,

with nowhere to go.


a photo I took a very long time ago.

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The Envelopes.

Hi everyone, sorry I haven’t been posting much, I’ve kind of run-a-riot with my youtube channel and have had TONS of books to read for english (some of which I might review on here, they really are very good!). I’ve been asked a lot what one of the videos I have posted up there means.

I originally posted it as an insurance thing quickly, because I had to present it in my art class and I’m not OVERLY confident in my PC file transferring to the dirty Macs they have at the Art School. Anyway, I kind of left it up there after the class, and now, I guess I owe you an explanation!

BASICALLY, as a first year I have to do a tour of all the departments, each for 6 weeks or so, its compulsary. This term I’ve been taking a class called ISP (Interdisciplinary Studio Practice), a class where we are taught and encouraged to make our own modern art, or art without rules. (Huge debates are conducted in the common room about the integrity behind it all, but that is another story. I’m on the fence.). So yeah, I was looking at an artist most of you who took art with me last year know I have my reserves about; Duchamp. But, he comes as a handy means to an end ;) I’ve based my work on a piece he did (pictured above) who concealed a mysterious object in a ball of string and nailed it shut forever. There’s a good article on it here;


I based it also on a really cool artist who has written hundreds of letters to people she knows, and has colour coded them for all the world to see.


My little mini piece involved me writing 19 letters, one for every year I have been alive, to 19 people in my life; some are really close to me, some I knew only for a short while at school or something, some are famous, some are dead. The concept is that beauty lies in the things that are unsaid, and grace lies in the things unseen. The design of an envelope means that the letters will never be read without evidence of them being so. Ask what is in them defeats the art. Its abit airy fairy and far out for me, but I really enjoyed making the video. Here it is;

p.s. If your on youtube yourself or just have a youtube account, I’d love to have you as a friend!;)

Disclaimer; none of the following photographs were taken by me