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The Myth

Who says they don’t exist?

Horned and glowing in a clearing,

lapping calmly at the passing waters of life.

I would search every forest in England if I thought it would help.

But before I trek and struggle and rithe

around a physical thicket of resisting matter…

I will first take up seeking the more fantastical, the less attested.

I will search for the lost unicorn in me.

The things in me that people think don’t exist.

My greatness will not be a myth. My worth will not be a legend.

Everyone knows a unicorn cannot live if it is not loved. Believe in the unicorns within you, before they die of a broken heart.

Greatness cannot become itself unless there are great believers.

My Greatness will not be a myth.

believe in the unicorns within you.


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Robin Hood

I bet

Even Robin Hood

had his days of mundanity.

‘No, Maid Marian,

nothing much is on the go.’

no one to sleigh, no jewels to show,

no racing through forests with bandits in toe...

In fact, Maid Marian

I’m feeling quite … low.’
It helps me through the grime
to know

Robin Hood was also adventure-less

from time to time,

with nowhere to go.

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Dear Postsecreter

Dear Postsecret Poster,

That is my secret too.

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It’s in my hair and my hands.

It’s in my mouth as I talk, its in my feet as I walk.

It’s in the small gap of air between faces in conversation

That urges a retraction, a retreat.

It’s on the faces of everyone I meet.

It’s in my pan as I fry,

It’s in my drip as I die.

It’s in those beautiful moments of soundless exchange

It was in those registers, in those called names.

It can halt me, hastily, mid-hope

But its ok, I’ll cope –

Because sometimes all I want is less of it

In those spaces between significance,

Or in pain.

It comes in frames, or in spans

But we never seem to have it on our hands.

‘Have you got the…?’

‘I haven’t got the…’

‘I  lost track of the…’

Why does no one seem to know where it is?

Maybe we spent it. Or saved it.

Or just plain sat on it.

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The People With The Scissors

Cut me out of cardboard

Stick me to your wall

Use a roll of bluetack

So that I can’t fall

Trim off my imperfections

Snip me in at the waist

Mark on better eyebrows

Pritt me to your taste

Print me in the colour

That you’d like the best

Draft me a belief system

And leave it on your desk

I won’ t be any trouble

I’ll do just as you say

You can trim away the world

I won’t stand in your way.

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My fridge this week.

… sometimes,

its fun not to listen to your mum.

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