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The Myth

Who says they don’t exist?

Horned and glowing in a clearing,

lapping calmly at the passing waters of life.

I would search every forest in England if I thought it would help.

But before I trek and struggle and rithe

around a physical thicket of resisting matter…

I will first take up seeking the more fantastical, the less attested.

I will search for the lost unicorn in me.

The things in me that people think don’t exist.

My greatness will not be a myth. My worth will not be a legend.

Everyone knows a unicorn cannot live if it is not loved. Believe in the unicorns within you, before they die of a broken heart.

Greatness cannot become itself unless there are great believers.

My Greatness will not be a myth.

believe in the unicorns within you.


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Forms Of Waiting

A flower I found in the Nevadan desert where I was working this summer.

“We live only to discover beauty. All else is a form of waiting.”

Kahlil Gibran

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Tell Me Of My Beauty

Tell me of my beauty,

My limbs and my lines

Tell me I’m capable

And that I’m divine.

Build me a bubble

Of soap suds and dreams

Graft me a tower,

And see how it gleams.

I know its not bricks

And built all on sand

But my house of sticks

Is all in demand-

And I don’t believe

In that wolf

That blows down desire

I don’t believe in misfortune

Or sandstorms or fire.

I believe that I’m perfect.

-provided you tell me I’m so

So say again of my beauty

And restore my glow.

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