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Just put that there to scary the hee-bee-gee-bees out of you all before I got down to business. Scary hey? My latest highly innaccurate and unsettling self portrait in the style of abstract german impressionism.

Don’t expect more. There won’t be.

So, I LOVE this book;

If you want more chin waggle about why, check out my youtube video called The Big Book Haul :)

In breif its about a Muslim man from the east who falls in love with America and subsequently an American woman. Both of whom’s love is reciprocated … until the twin towers fall…

For my printmaking module this term I decided to do a series of illistrations based around the themes of the book;

Hope you enjoy, take a look at the book if your looking for a holiday read, easy to read and really gripping.

Let me know which is your favourite, or if you like them atall! lol. love Kathy


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