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My House.

There will be tall houses, small houses,

Skinny houses, booty-big houses…

Houses of silver, houses of card

Houses with celery, houses with lard.

Houses with chimneys, just as they should

And carpets that are cleaned, just as you would –

Houses with mould, and some with Armani

Houses with Jill, Jack, Harry and Barney,

Houses with names, and numbers attached

Houses with pools, houses with thatch

Houses never lived in, always on the go –

Houses with nails for stubbing your toe

Houses with happiness, and just the right amount of kids

Houses that peak out from council bin-lids.

Houses unplugged, houses still charging

Houses with lamb, and beef for the carving

Houses with laughter, and a hole for a mouse –

All I know is that mine,



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Being Away

So I guess not everyone can be inspired ALL of the time.

Hey everyone, sorry I’ve been a blog daudeler lately, I guess I haven’t had many words in my pen! I just thought I’d drop in and give some kind of explination as to why, and that I haven’t lost interest in justkissmyfrog. Infact, I’ve been busy being creative in all sorts of ways.

Making videos with my brother….

To see all of our indoor busking and an explanation of it all, go to my channel http://www.youtube.com/user/jsutkissmyfrog

Doing some print-making …

Oh, and also in the spirit of blogs, I have been working on another!


Basically abit more light hearted, shallow and girlie (emphasis on the girlie!) – I felt abit silly posting stuff like this on here cus I didn’t want justkissmyfrog to be about that, but I have so much fun being creative and silly with my clothes, etc, I’m really enjoying it. My friend Hattie is a blogger too (see the blog for a link) and we have lots of stupid girl fun planning outfits and taking pictures of each other. it probably isn’t all of your cup of tea, but I just wanted to keep you updated on what I’m doing!

Anyway, I have some poems in the pipeline that just need some tweeking, watch out, hope you enjoy them!

the stats always amaze me on here – thanks so much for taking the time out of more interesting things to keep peeking at my blog!

Lots of love Kathy

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Children bring indignity.

Indignity brings a humbleness.

Humility brings hope for us all.

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Forms Of Waiting

A flower I found in the Nevadan desert where I was working this summer.

“We live only to discover beauty. All else is a form of waiting.”

Kahlil Gibran

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Dear Postsecreter

Dear Postsecret Poster,

That is my secret too.

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It’s in my hair and my hands.

It’s in my mouth as I talk, its in my feet as I walk.

It’s in the small gap of air between faces in conversation

That urges a retraction, a retreat.

It’s on the faces of everyone I meet.

It’s in my pan as I fry,

It’s in my drip as I die.

It’s in those beautiful moments of soundless exchange

It was in those registers, in those called names.

It can halt me, hastily, mid-hope

But its ok, I’ll cope –

Because sometimes all I want is less of it

In those spaces between significance,

Or in pain.

It comes in frames, or in spans

But we never seem to have it on our hands.

‘Have you got the…?’

‘I haven’t got the…’

‘I  lost track of the…’

Why does no one seem to know where it is?

Maybe we spent it. Or saved it.

Or just plain sat on it.

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