Aberystwyth Film


Because I am waiting for my HD video editing software and am sad, I’ve just quickly compiled some spare footage from my old camera into a wee snippet of what my nieghbourhood looks like :)

Messed up that UCAS form didn’t you kids?



Nikon D5000

The camera loves Hattie, just as I love my new Nikon D5000.

The three-jobbed summer ‘vacation’ (never have I seen a more due use of inverted commas) is finally seeming worth it.

What then?

There will be a time when your own shadow scares you.

When your own ability to live and love is the thing that confuses you the most.

When life is not a fairytale

But its is more.

And it is less.  much less.

When answers are just sounds and friends just voices and everything is too real and not real enough.

When the ogres and the outcasts come in.

Drunken buskers sometimes sing more truth than the hymn singers in their stalls.

And when a note is better than a song and when your questions surpass your answers,

What do you do then?

Step1; Click to enlarge.

Step2; enjoy.

Old Sketchbook Pages







I Saw Birds. Loads.

Me: Look! Look What I took!


Non-Aber-Dwelling-Friend-Of-Any-Description: Why don’t I live in Aberystwyth?

Me: I have no bloody idea.

The Myth

Who says they don’t exist?

Horned and glowing in a clearing,

lapping calmly at the passing waters of life.

I would search every forest in England if I thought it would help.

But before I trek and struggle and rithe

around a physical thicket of resisting matter…

I will first take up seeking the more fantastical, the less attested.

I will search for the lost unicorn in me.

The things in me that people think don’t exist.

My greatness will not be a myth. My worth will not be a legend.

Everyone knows a unicorn cannot live if it is not loved. Believe in the unicorns within you, before they die of a broken heart.

Greatness cannot become itself unless there are great believers.

My Greatness will not be a myth.

believe in the unicorns within you.